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    • Several sounds: productive, passive.
    • Verbs of motion comprise an alternative subcategory from verbs. They are described as an intricate system away from directional and aspectual prefixes and suffixes.

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    The newest neutral term purchase in the Bosnian try Topic-Verb-Object. Although not, most other instructions is actually you’ll be able to because inflectional endings obviously matical connections and you can opportunities on phrase. As a whole, phrase buy is principally influenced by point (just what sentence is all about, or old pointers) and focus (the fresh new advice). Constituents having dated advice precede constituents which have the latest information, otherwise people who hold the absolute most focus.


    The essential words from Bosnian is Slavic in nature. The difference anywhere between Bosnian, towards the one-hand, and you will Serbian and you can Croatian, on the other, exists generally on the lexicon. Croatian provides kept so much more indigenous Slavic terms and conditions, when you’re Serbian has borrowed much more out-of Russian and you will Eu dialects. Bosnian is much more for example Croatian, apart from that it’s got thousands of loanwords off Arabic, Turkish, and you will Persian loanwords as a result of the Bosniaks’ religious association having Islam.

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