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    When Kash’s spouse located its matchmaking, everything you lead southern area, sooner or later conclude once and for all whenever Kash bailed and leftover area

    Ian have constantly craved significantly more out-of Mickey and you will Mickey, still seeking maintain looks, has been doing just mask from the truth regarding his sex

    In order to Milkovich or not so you can Milkovich: As season among Showtime’s Shameless, Ian Gallagher had anything for males he are unable to (and cannot) possess. The brand new series first started that have your a part of his conservative, much elderly, and also much very on the closet manager during the convenience shop he worked during the, Kash . Ian and you can Kash’s matchmaking was confined in order to after they spent some time working along with her once the Kash try a Muslim and you may hitched to help you an incredibly strict woman, having children.

    After, Ian began a relationship with tough boy, Mickey. Mickey, who were in-and-out from teenager detention centers his expereince of living and resided under the roof away from his faraway and abusive father, terrorized Kash along with his store. Ian, thought he was only exceeding to help you face Mickey from stealing on store, receive themselves during intercourse that have Mickey, naked and you can engaging in sexual acts. Thereby began the fresh Ian/Mickey dating that proceeded through to seasons three.

    Although challenging and tumultuous, Ian and Mickey’s dating might have been good roller coaster out of thoughts, one another love and you may dislike.

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