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    Would grandiose narcissists experiencea better appeal so you can potential friends that currently in a romance?

    One to question that’s worthy of listing would be the fact although we acquired analysis recommending this one-3rd so you can almost several-thirds of our users stated with knowledge of lover poaching into the Degree step 1 and dos, not everyone tries to lover poach. Ergo, you’ll be able to you to definitely arbitrary answering could make correlations appear healthier than they are .

    Though there try big evidence that grandiose narcissists statement better lifestyle frequency out of partner poaching attempts, the genuine conclusion stays not familiar when you look at the specific situations where lover poaching are a chance. Discover an evergrowing number of facts to suggest that people tend to be more searching for relationship that have possible mates when such prospective friends are usually matched, most likely since these existing links is actually a sign of large companion high quality .

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