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    Body mass index (BMI) try a regard produced by the new size (weight) and height of a man

    The new Bmi is defined as the body bulk divided of the square of muscles height, which can be universally indicated for the products out-of kg/m dos , as a consequence of bulk into the kilograms and you will top into the yards.

    The latest Bmi may be computed having fun with a table otherwise graph and this screens Body mass index since the a purpose of size and you can peak using contour outlines otherwise tints for various Body mass index kinds, and you can that could play with most other gadgets off dimensions (transformed into metric tools towards calculation).

    The latest Bmi is a convenient rule of thumb used to broadly classify a guy since the underweight, typical weight, heavy, or fat considering cells mass (strength, fat, and you may bone) and you may level.

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