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    Takaful and you can Karama: A social Safety net project that Encourages Egyptian Ladies Empowerment and you can Person Financial support

    Once the Egypt does macro-monetary reforms, societal safety net treatments, for instance the flagship Takaful and you will Karama system, will always be crucial for mitigating new influence on the indegent and vulnerable.

    Nationwide beneficiaries of conditional (Takaful) and you can unconditional (Karama) cash import program tend to be poor ladies and children, the poor having handicaps, terrible orphans and you may bad widows.

    Conditionalities from inside the Takaful endeavor to break time periods away from intergenerational poverty and you will give individual investment accumulation; the current procedure was applied to increase exposure so you’re able to most beneficiaries as part of a great COVID-19 social protection impulse.

    In line with the popularity of the program as the its launch for the 2015, the federal government are position their old Public Solidarity Pension program under the new umbrella of Takaful and you can Karama to improve the efficacy total

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