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    Research and Ratio within the Nose Answering with Hyaluronic Acidic

    by Bruna Souza Felix Bravo, MD; Leonardo Goncalves Bravo, MD; Camila Mariano da Rocha, MD; Stephanie Bianco de souza, MD; Fernando Luis Lopes, MD; and you will Julien Totti, MD

    Dr. B. Bravo is through the fresh new Institute of Dermatology from Teacher Rubem David Azulay within the Rio de- Janeiro, Brazil. Dr. L. Bravo are Full member of the brand new Brazilian neighborhood off cosmetic surgery, Cosmetic surgeon from the Burn off Cardiovascular system from inside the Medical Souza Aguiar Rio de- Janeiro, Chicago plastic surgeon at the government Hospital servidores do estado create Rio de Janeiro. Dr. Mariano da Rocha has been this new Government College or university out of Health Sciences out-of Porto Alegre from inside the Porto Alegre, Brazil, therefore the Federal College or university off Rio de Janeiro into the Rio de- Janeiro, Brazil. Drs. De Souza and Lopes 2 Santos try that have Gamboa Medical from inside the Rio de- Janeiro, Brazil. Dr. Totti de Bastos is through the fresh Government Health out-of Lagoa inside Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    Disclosures: Dr. BSF Bravo profile that he is a presenter to own Allergan. Another experts have no disputes interesting strongly related to the latest stuff associated with the article.

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