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    Therefore, what exactly is you to definitely numerical matchmaking?

    I dont usually still do it inside the Visio. I, more often, will start into a blank piece of paper and you may mark since its really messy, otherwise Unwell do so towards whiteboard and start to bit these products together with her given that youre likely to take action, and you may you are gonna redo it. Upcoming youre probably consider it, and you may you are probably has actually lines crossing, and you will youre want to to maneuver anything around. When the you are trying to exercise inside Visio, theres a whole lot to figure out during the Visio that it requires out of the headspace you ought to determine, “What are the concepts which i must defense, and you can do you know the dating which i have to security anywhere between the individuals rules?”

    So, I just start with the individuals nouns, piecing him or her together with her, right after which start to look on, “Does this one to possess a relationship to that one?

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