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    Survey from puffing studies, attitudes and practice at school pupils within the Honduras

    Richard T Hamner, Steven H Stumpf, Survey from puffing training, thinking and exercise at school people during the Honduras, Family Habit, Frequency 18, Situation 6, pra/18.6.627


    Measures. A beneficial 12-item survey try given regarding classroom to fifth and you can sixth amounts youngsters. Area of the lead strategies was a reason off demographic situations, personal smoking sense, expertise in health threats, perceptions regarding the tobacco use and observed sources of advice.

    Abilities. All in all, 225 students was basically surveyed. Most had been aware smoking is harmful to fitness, and most said never ever with used. Most seen smoking just like the unappealing. Friends and family was indeed chose given that biggest source of recommendations.

    Results. Youngsters of this type of Honduras are aware of the health problems of puffing and see smoking just like the ugly.

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